Mindfulness Course – 29th September to 1st December

This course is an invitation to start just where you are, learning how to cultivate an attitude of curiosity, patience and self compassion towards your experience. By practising mindfulness in a group setting, you will increase your capacity to live more fully in the present – the only moment we actually ever have. Join us for 9 weeks of Mindfulness this September in Crouch End.

Attending a mindfulness course over 9 weeks has been shown to help you enjoy life more fully, to manage stress more skilfully, build resilience when life is challenging and to improve health and well-being.

What to expect

The course follows the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) model, an evidence based programme to dealing with the everyday as well as coping with times of low mood, stress, anxiety and depression. First we’ll have an orientation session, each week after we’ll be focusing on a structured course to develop and deepen your mindfulness practice.

To gain the full benefits of the course, you’ll be required to commit to 45 minutes to an hour of daily home-practice to be set by your mindfulness teacher, Nic.

The practice of mindfulness enables you to learn to enjoy life more fully and;

  • Manage better with stress and anxiety
  • Improve concentration and attention
  • Build resilience
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Cope better at times of difficulty
  • Accept ourselves and others, as well as life events

At the end of this course you’ll be more mindful! Find out more about mindfulness on our website.


Our Mindfulness course starts on Friday 29th September to 1st December (excluding half term on 27th October), from 11.15am till 1.15pm.


The course takes place at One Yoga London in N8. The address is:

Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, Haringey N8 9JJ
Google map of One Yoga

For more information on the venue, visit One Yoga’s website.

How much

The cost for the 9 week course is £250 and concession rates are available for £220 (limited spaces). You can pay directly (avoid booking fees), just contact us today.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or queries just let us know.